SPF50+ Sunscreen

Our most Advanced Protection against the harsh Australian sun

Our SPF50+ sunscreens are tested to stay on in 7 conditions - Sun , Sand, Wind, Sweat, Pool, Ocean and Heat.

"Tested in the Australian Sun" Banana Boat SPF50+ sunscreens offer our most advanced sun protection to stay on in seven conditions: Sun, Sand, Wind, Sweat, Pool, Ocean, and Heat.

Sun-lovers are now armed with improved UVA protection to help reduce long term skin damage. Given Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, advanced sun defence is an essential ingredient for fun in the sun, providing not only protection, but peace of mind.

Stays on in 7 conditions

What does the 50 in SPF 50+ mean?


SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. SPF50+ sunscreens are formulated to allow less damaging rays to reach your skin's surface than lower SPF sunscreens. For example, when applied correctly SPF 30 allows 3.3% of UVB rays to reach your skin while SPF 50+ allows only 2% to reach your skin. This may not sound like much of a difference, but over a lifetime of UV exposure, it all adds up.

SPF50+ Common Myths

Common Myths

SPF50+ means you can apply less frequently - (False)

Reapplication is a critical step to any effective sun protection regimen, regardless of SPF.

SPF50+ will eliminate Sunburn! - (False)

No sun protection product offers 100% protection from the sun’s UV rays. Combine a high SPF sunscreen with protective clothing, hat, sunglasses and seek shade to reduce the risk of sunburn.

SPF50+ will be thicker & greasier than other sunscreens - (False)

SPF50+ sunscreens are not greasier or harder to rub in. Banana Boat has formulated our SPF50+ sunscreens to provide the same great on skin feel as SPF30+ products.

SPF50+ does have more chemicals - (False)

Advances in sunscreen research and formulation, has allowed Banana Boat to develop sunscreen products with equal or lower levels of active ingredients than Banana Boat formulated in previous years, so a higher SPF level does not equate to more chemicals.

SPF 50+ is only for people with fair/pale skin - (False)

Higher protection from the sun is for everyone. It is not just pale skinned Aussies that are prone to sunburn, skin cancer and wrinkles!

Banana Boat has SPF 50+ Sunscreen